World’s smallest 16 core ARM module

World’s smallest 16 core ARM module

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By Nick Flaherty

SolidRun in Israel has developed a series of System on Module (SOM) designs using 16 core ARM processors from NXP Semiconductors.

The family of LX2-Lite SOMs and Clearfog LX2-Lite Development Platform use NXP’s Layerscape LX2162A and the smallest module has a footprint of 58mm x 48mm, a quarter the size of standard COM Express 7 boards.

The LX2-Lite SOM includes power management, memory, storage, and I/O subsystems for software-defined networking, edge network security hardware and data processing units. The 16nm Layerscape devices include up to 16 ARM Cortex-A72 cores with advanced data path acceleration optimized for L2/3 packet processing, security offload and robust traffic management and quality of service. The SOM also has a 50Gbps security acceleration engine and 88Gbps data compression engine for maximum network security and data routing application performance.

The developer platform allows developers to access the I/O and SerDes interfaces for SD-WAN, network security, and industrial control systems.

“SolidRun has been for many years the go-to source for flexible developer solutions based on today’s most powerful processing platforms,” said Mordi Blaunstein, VP sales and marketing at SolidRun. “The new ultra-compact LX2-Lite SOMs and CLEARFOG developer platform will prove to be important additions to our lineup, as they will help developers create advanced edge network appliances of various form factors that are capable of extreme computing and high-speed communications. We look forward to launching a variety of edge and data center networking solutions that maximize the benefits of this powerful SOM in the months to come.”

The LX2-Lite SOMs come in three varieties, a 16-core version based on the NXP LX2162A, a 12-core version based on the NXP LX2122A, and an 8-core version based on the NXP LX2082A processor. With 12 SerDes lanes, the LX2-Lite-based SOM supports up to four 25Gbps Ethernet connections (up to a max of 100Gbps) and up to eight PCIe Gen 3 connections concurrently, as well as several combinations of the two for vast application flexibility.

Each SOM has a USB 3.0 interface and general industrial connectivity options like UART and I2C. All SOMs feature up to 32GB of DDR4 system memory, 8GB of eMMC storage, 8Mbit serial peripheral interface with 64MB of flash memory and SD/MMC interface. SolidRun LX2-Lite SOMs support Linux, as well as Debian, Ubuntu and Yocto developer operating systems.

“Our LX2162A line of processors offers a powerful solution because it takes the robust processing power of our popular LX2160A SoC and shrinks the form factor to better serve the growing market of high-performance software-defined edge network security appliances, the worldwide shift to SD-WAN network architectures, and 5G ORAN applications while maintaining a size that’s ideal for PCIe add-in cards and mini-ITX appliances,” said Toby Foster, senior product marketing manager at NXP. “Working with SolidRun, we’re able to help engineers jumpstart the development of next-generation cloud and edge network solutions based on our LX2-Lite platform, while expediting the process of turning those prototypes into scalable, market-ready solutions.”

The Clearfog LX2-Lite Developer Platform streamlines prototyping and reduces development time for systems based on the LX2Lite processor-based SOMs.

The LX2162A, LX2122A and LX2082A SOMs and CLEARFOG LX2-Lite Developer Platform are available for pre-order.

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