Wright sets up off grid power lab

Wright sets up off grid power lab

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By Nick Flaherty

US electric engine developer Wright is setting up an off-grid power lab using its aerospace technologies.

Wright worked with the US Air Force to develop the Off-Grid Power Pallet, which is a bank of batteries and inverters connected to two of Wright’s ultra-power-dense generators, all built into a standard 463L aircraft pallet for ease of transport. 

Being off-grid presents multiple issues, such as cost, power reliability, and ease of deployment. To address this, the OGPP  accepts power from solar, wind, shore, and generators, and it outputs to AC, DC, and electric vehicle charging.

To test these technologies, Wright developed a simulated wear-and-tear laboratory outside our main facility. The lab is built into a shipping container and has two sides: one side houses the equipment under test, and the other has data logging instrumentation. Exposed to New York’s diverse weather conditions, including heat, cold, rain, and humidity, the test section serves as the proving ground for Wright’s Off-Grid Power Technologies.

The lab allows the testing of AC input/output, DC input/output, battery storage, EV fast charging, and renewable energy technologies.

Since developing the OGPP, Wright says it has found other applications in humanitarian and telecom missions. The increase in severe weather due to climate change has made more regions susceptible to natural disasters. Wright’s mobile off-grid power technologies enable disaster and emergency response groups to provide resilient energy to areas in need, helping mitigate the detrimental impact of such events. 

The commercial potential for Off-Grid Power Technology is expansive. Many entities aiming to install EV charging stations face obstacles: utility providers may lack the necessary capacity or infrastructure to supply the required power, while the cost of a grid connection can be prohibitive, particularly in remote or underserved areas. Our system offers scalable and customizable options that can adapt to the diverse power demands of EV charging stations.

“Grid infrastructure capable of supporting electric vehicles has always been one of the biggest challenges hindering growth in the EV industry. Wright’s Off-Grid Power System is exciting because it provides a low-carbon footprint solution to a big challenge facing commercial automotive and commercial energy production. The new Off-Grid Power Lab accelerates this programme,” said Wirght’s Director of Electric Machines, Earl Fairall.




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