XCOM Labs shows extended reality platform at MILCOM 2021

XCOM Labs shows extended reality platform at MILCOM 2021

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

XCOM Labs demonstrated a wirelessly enabled augmented reality experience for a group of military and defense leaders during the first public unveiling of its groundbreaking wireless extended reality (XR) indoor mobile system at IEEE MILCOM 2021 in San Diego. The wireless XR system provides seamless mobility, consistent and high data rates for all users, very low latency, and outstanding robustness to blockage for large-scale indoor deployments serving multiple users simultaneously.

Attendees wore Microsoft HoloLens 2 Mixed Reality headsets equipped with small, lightweight radios enabling multiple users to move freely, simultaneously and seamlessly through a highly detailed photorealistic interactive digital environment showcasing training, education, telemedicine, smart warehousing, and science XR use cases. The featured wireless XR system used millimeter wave spectrum in the globally available 60 GHz unlicensed band, although the underlying technologies can be applied to 5G as well.

Leveraging its high throughput and low latency connection, the wireless XR system moves the burden of generating highly complex realistic virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) environments from the user devices to powerful edge computing servers. Until now, mobile XR experiences sacrificed user experience and image quality because the amount of computation was constrained by using smartphone derived mobile processors or bulky body worn PCs.

“There’s been tremendous hype about the potential for the Metaverse to change our everyday lives, but the reality is that the underlying technology hasn’t existed to deliver on the totally natural user experience we all imagine,” said Paul Jacobs, CEO and chairman of XCOM Labs. “The XCOM team has built foundational technologies that changed society in the past, and with the introduction of XCOM wireless XR, we have our sights set on doing that again.”

“We’ve combined advanced wireless and multimedia technology to create the next level of immersive experiences,” said Matt Grob, chief technology officer at XCOM Labs. “XCOM wireless XR is engineered for remote collaboration, learning and specialized training, battlefield simulation, telemedicine, industrial automation, smart warehouses, location-based entertainment and more. We anticipate this technology will open the flood gates for developers to create next generation XR experiences.”

Military leaders, defense contractor executives and wireless systems integrators who experienced XCOM wireless XR at MILCOM were optimistic about the readiness and potential of this platform to be deployed for real-world applications. The XCOM demonstration showcased that XR can be used for mission critical applications including to help medics diagnose and guide treatments through telemedicine, soldiers to rehearse missions through simulations, technicians to guide virtual assembly and repairs, and platoons to engage in immersive training no matter where they are in the world.

XCOM is also working with the Department of Defense (DoD) on the 5G-to-NextG Initiative. Its 5G enhancement technology is achieving the high throughput and ultra-low latency needed to deliver the next level in the operation of autonomous vehicles for inventory management, machine learning for inventory tracking, and augmented/virtual reality applications for improved workforce efficiency in warehouse operations in support of the DoD.

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