Zero-vulnerability static code analysis tool for embedded automotive software

Zero-vulnerability static code analysis tool for embedded automotive software

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

TrustInSoft, the leader in exhaustive C/C++ software source code analysis, has expanded into the automotive market in addition to their collaboration in the last few years with worldwide leaders in the critical and telecoms/IoT/semiconductor markets. TrustInSoft has announced that eSOL, a specialist in embedded systems, and EasyMile, a vendor of autonomous mobility systems, have chosen TrustInSoft Analyzer to complement their product development strategies.

TrustInSoft provides safety and cybersecurity critical software verification tools and services based on mathematics. Professionals involved in developing safety and cybersecurity-critical embedded software understand the importance of proper testing of software. Simple problems that go undetected during development can result in product problems with dramatic consequences. TrustInSoft helps companies to fix bugs early in the product development cycle with an innovative approach that allows developers and testers to run the equivalent of billions of tests using mathematical techniques known as formal methods.

eSOL is a publicly traded leader in embedded systems and edge computing, headquartered in Japan. Its high-performance, scalable software platform products are centered on its unique, patented eMCOS multikernel real-time operating system (RTOS) technology and provide the safety and security features essential for today’s critical embedded systems such as autonomous driving.

Their products are used worldwide in diverse and demanding embedded application fields conforming to stringent quality, safety, and security standards; these range from automotive systems to industrial equipment, medical and digital consumer electronics.

“eSOL uses TrustInSoft Analyzer for the development of our eMCOS RTOS and Hypervisor platform, ensuring that all functions are correctly integrated and eliminating at a very early stage complex errors that might occur later, during or after integration. In this way we achieve the highest quality of our RTOS, and our customers receive a fast and secure system integration. We avoid unacceptable risks and damages and help our customers to build highly reliable autonomous vehicles,” said Masaki Gondo, CTO and Senior Executive Vice President of eSOL.

EasyMile is a pioneer in driverless technology and smart mobility products. The fast-growing company, founded in 2014, develops software to automate transportation platforms.

EasyMile’s technology is revolutionizing passenger and goods transportation, offering completely new mobility options. Since 2014, the company has developed and deployed more than 210 autonomous mobility projects in 24 countries.

In June 2019, EasyMile became the first autonomous vehicle company ever to be ISO 9001 certified. This certification recognizes the commitment of the company to deliver high-quality-level services to partners and customers.

“Working with TrustInSoft’s static code analyzer is a way to help us to build class-leading software applications efficiently and effectively,” said Arnaud Telinge, Research and Development Manager at EasyMile. “Robust embedded software development is critically important with applications such as autonomous mobility, with real-life consequences.”

“TrustInSoft believes in the power of mathematically guaranteed software verification,” said Fabrice Derepas, CEO of TrustInSoft. “In an increasingly complex technical landscape, it has become too easy to discover product problems only after they have been deployed. Verifying software code with formal methods can avoid many of these issues, which are often costly to remedy after the fact.”

TrustInSoft is a market innovator with TrustInSoft Analyzer, which analyzes source code for potential errors with an advanced mathematical model. Traditional static analysis is not exhaustive so it cannot identify all issues in the code, and usually identifies a lot of false alarms. TrustInSoft delivers the power of formal methods-based, exhaustive static analysis efficiently, making sure the most critical and subtle C and C++ code errors are detected cost-effectively for the embedded automotive industry and other verticals such as telecom, semiconductors, IoT, and critical.


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