ZF switch module uses EnOcean® RF technology

ZF switch module uses EnOcean® RF technology

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

A new battery-free and wireless switch module based on patented technology from ZF uses the EnOcean® RF standard, specifically designed for energy harvesting applications. ZF is a member of the EnOcean Alliance — an international association of leading companies in the building and IT industries founded in 2008.

ZF now offers a light switch module that can be fully integrated into existing EnOcean® wireless systems. The EnOcean® radio protocol is designed for a frequency band of 868 MHz (EU, Asia) and 915 MHz (USA). Within buildings, low frequencies are particularly suitable for penetrating walls or ceilings and ensure reliable radio transmission. In addition, the radio range is up to 30 meters inside the building.

The new switch module works self-sufficiently and therefore eliminates the requirement of batteries and cables. The energy to send the RF protocol is generated by the actuation of a compact inductive generator (20.1- x 7.3- x 14.3-mm).

The wireless light switch modules from ZF are compatible with standard frames available on the market and can also be combined with customer-specific control and design panels. For example, connected doors and windows can send RF signals to monitor the open/closed status. Other potential applications include smart industrial switches or stop pushbutton switches for buses.

Recently, ZF announced that its energy harvesting RF switches can be used to detect is a window is open or closed. The mechanical actuation of the RF switch is caused by the change of the window handle status, resulting in a small voltage being generated, which in turn transmits an RF protocol. This information is used to monitor the status of the window.

The completely batteryfree and wireless switch module technology is flexible and can be realized with different RF protocols such as Bluetooth®, EnOcean® or customer-specific RF protocols. The system can also be used for diverse applications within building automation like lighting, shutters, doors and windows. Despite it’s compact size and the high energy output, the generator provides a lifetime of one million switching cycles.

EnOcean wireless networks have been installed in more than 1,000,000 buildings worldwide, making it the most widespread and most field-tested wireless building automation standard in the world.

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