Zhaga Consortium appoints Musa Unmehopa as Secretary General

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Unmehopa, who takes up the post from April 1, 2014, replaces Menno Treffers, who has held the post of Secretary General since Zhaga was launched in March 2010.

Unmehopa has been involved in international standardization across several industries for almost 20 years, serving in various chair positions and directorships. He is on the Board of Directors of the ZigBee Alliance (intelligent control for connected lighting) and the EMerge Alliance (standardizing low-voltage DC power distribution).

“It is my pleasure to be appointed to this challenging position of Secretary General, serving the leading companies in the lighting industry around the globe,” said Musa Unmehopa. “I am looking forward to the many exciting opportunities ahead, as I firmly believe that the Zhaga Consortium has a pivotal role to play in helping the lighting industry with its transformation towards LED.”

Zhaga has grown into an organization with more than 200 members from throughout the lighting industry. Zhaga has produced a series of specifications for interchangeable LED light engines with more are in the pipeline. Based on these specifications, Zhaga members have already certified hundreds of products.

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