ZVS converter chipset for 100W USB PD designs

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By Nick Flaherty

Dialog Semiconductor has launched a digital Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) AC-DC converter chipset for 100W power supplies.

Historically, AC-DC converter designs have been challenged by thermal constraints associated with the efficiency of the device. Dialog’s patented ZVS chipset supports switching frequencies up to 200kHz for smaller, lighter transformers in travel adapters for smartphones, tablets and laptops using USB Power Delivery (PD) 3.0 with programmable power supply (PPS) as well as  power tools and other portable designs. 

Alongside USB PD 3.0 standard the ZVS RapidCharge chipset supports most fast charge protocols, including other third-party proprietary protocols.

The chipset combines the iW9801 primary-side controller and the iW709 secondary-side USB PD protocol IC. The secondary-side digital compensation loop ensures stability and eliminates the need for extra compensation components. The integrated synchronous rectifier controller in the secondary-side iW709 further reduces the overall component count and the combined chipset uses built-in digital compensation, making circuit design quick and easy compared to analogue approaches.

It also provides multi-mode control for up to 94 percent efficiency and eliminates audible noise for 100W charging with 20mW of standby power

The chipset offers robust protection for over-voltage (OVP), over-current (OCP), user-configurable over-temperature, shoot-through, brown-in/brown-out VSENSE/ISENSE short, output short, and extra primary-side OCP and OVP.

“The introduction of Dialog’s patented ZVS technology builds on our extensive AC/DC expertise and expands our addressable market into higher power density PSUs,” said Davin Lee, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Advanced Mixed-Signal Business Group at Dialog Semiconductor. “With this innovative ZVS chipset, customers can simply design higher power density chargers that are not only light-weight and ultra-small, but also very cost-effective.”

The ZVS chipset is now available, to learn more:

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