SAM Series Multi-Directional Joystick Switches

C&K’s SAM switch series are ideal for applications such as seat adjustment systems for automotive, off-road vehicles and avionics aswell as industrial controls and motorized heatlhcare devices. Features include two or four-way actuation, power contact technology for direct motor actuation, direct PCB mounting, spring-loaded shaft for avoiding rattling, various shaft lengths and shapes for easy integration and different haptic ranges.

Simplify manufacturing processes with the Han-Eco<sup>®</sup> B

Han-Eco® B is a new series of high-performance plastic hoods and housings suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The range complies with standards IEC 61948 and EN 45545-2, offers IP65 protection and substantial weight savings compared to traditional metal housings. Both monobloc and modular inserts can be used with them, giving you an unparalleled choice of data, signal and power options.

Ready-to-use Antenna Solutions

We offer an extensive range of Molex antenna technologies designed to support engineers from concept-to-completion. These ready-to-use RF Antennas are compact, high performing and available in multiple form factors for all common antenna protocols and frequencies used in (Internet of Things (IoT), automotive, industrial and medical applications.

Xlamp<sup>®</sup> CXA Series LED Arrays

Optimized to simplify designs and lower system costs, Cree’s CXA LED arrays deliver high lumen output and efficacy in a family of single, easy-to-use components. They deliver system level performance from 300 to over 16,000 lumens, making them ideal for applications ranging from GU10s and commercial downlights to outdoor area lighting and high-bay lighting.

Blockchain Primer – Part 2

Last month we looked at the construction of basic blocks and how they are link together to form an immutable ledger. In this part of our blog story, we will look at how blockchain functions in the wild, as part of a co-operating network. We'll look at the different types of blockchain node you can run into and some different protocols that can be used to get consensus across the nodes of a peer-to-peer network.

Industrial AR Brings Opportunities for Businesses & Workers

By augmenting human performance, Industrial Augmented Reality (IAR) could drive stronger businesses and healthier coexistence between humans and advanced technology.  Could this new technology threaten human workers’ jobs? While technologies such as AI and robotics are sure to change roles, IAR could protect humans. Read our blog exploring this concept.

Free core and spring-loaded LVDTs output 4 to 20mA

Free core and spring-loaded LVDTs output 4 to 20mA

In addition to offering 4-20 mA versions of its free-core and spring-loaded LVDTs, the company customizes 4-20mA position sensors to customer specifications. The 4-20 mA loop-powered LVDTs are suitable for use in liquid level gaging, robotic automation and industrial automation controls. The 4-20mA output signal provided by the sensors integrates with a variety of PLCs, digital indicators, computer-based data processors, and QC data collection systems.


2.00mm pitch micro power connectors deliver up to 18A per blade

2.00mm pitch micro power connectors deliver up to 18A per blade

Compared to traditional power connectors that carry 20 Amps per blade in a large form factor, mPOWER passes 18 Amps per blade in about half the size, freeing up the board for other components or minimizing package size. Stack heights range from 5 to 12mm with up to 16mm in development for increased compatibility with other high-speed connector systems. Further design flexibility is available with a choice of 2, 3, 4 and 5 power blades (up to 10 blades in development).

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