The future of smart factories

The factory production line is dependent on hundreds of devices. This includes everything from the conveyor belt and thermometers, to the overhead lights, air conditioning unit and uninterruptible power supply (USP) system. Traditionally, these mechanisms operated in silos. But thanks to the Internet of Things and greater technological innovation, the factory is becoming a connected haven.

NEW Crouzet SYR timing relays

Save time and space with these brand new, easy-to-configure Crouzet time relays. Features: plug-in ports, large display.intuitive operation.

Exploring the technology behind the rise of the robots: A Buyer’s Guide to M12 Cordsets

The M12 connector’s construction make them ideal for use in industrial environments, with robots and have features that reduce set-up and maintenance time. Our buyers guide will help you to determine what M12 cordsets would best suit your requirements.


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BREXIT : With distribution centres in the EU and Switzerland, Distrelec has you covered

At Distrelec we’re committed to offering seamless distribution across Europe. Our customers will continue to enjoy the same service.


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