“We spend 50 percent of development costs on a product after the launch”: Page 4 of 8

June 03, 2015 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
“We spend 50 percent of development costs on a product after the launch”
5G, IoT, smartphone security and more: Future technology generations pose increasing challenges to the measurement equipment for development and production engineers. Roland Steffen, Head of the Test and Measurement Divison and Executive Vice President of test equipment provider Rohde & Schwarz explains how the company prepares for these challenges.
implement this in our products as well. But we already have T&M instruments that work at 60 GHz and can generate and receive the code. Seeing that the market is very small at the moment, everything is still relatively costly. But that will change. A return to expensive lab instruments is out of the question for production test and measurement equipment. But we have five or six years to develop suitable solutions before mass production begins.

Taking on the 5G challenge: Millimeter wave measurement site from R&S

Rohde & Schwarz has a branch that deals with security technology. Could this produce synergies associated with IoT? Security, encryption and authentication are also being intensely discussed in the IoT world.

Steffen: There are definitely synergies among our various activities, but it is not so much a matter of being able to offer a "security measurement instrument". For example, network operators have asked us to analyze exactly what smartphones apps do. Many apps communicate in the background. The question is what transmission bandwidths they use and how much network capacity they consume. The individual apps are not really coordinated and naturally require a certain transmission capacity. Even when only a few bits are transmitted, the need to connect and disconnect many times consumes a lot of resources. Network operators need to know what is happening. App behavior is also important to IT security personnel. They want to know which servers and services these apps connect to and what data they transmit.

The extensive expertise that is compiled in the Rohde & Schwarz group of companies has gone into the software in our products. It is possible to determine what kind of data a mobile phone is currently transmitting and via which servers without involving the phone user. There is demand for this on the market, for network traffic classification or how to detect anomalies, for example. The apps that tax the battery

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