“We spend 50 percent of development costs on a product after the launch”: Page 7 of 8

June 03, 2015 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
“We spend 50 percent of development costs on a product after the launch”
5G, IoT, smartphone security and more: Future technology generations pose increasing challenges to the measurement equipment for development and production engineers. Roland Steffen, Head of the Test and Measurement Divison and Executive Vice President of test equipment provider Rohde & Schwarz explains how the company prepares for these challenges.
product can have up to 100 different options over its lifespan. That is a key component of our business model. Only those customers who need these features have to pay for their development.
Of course, there are T&M equipment vendors that disclose the internal structure of their products to allow customers to develop software. We steer clear of that for a number of reasons. On the one hand, support is very costly. On the other hand, we think that we can make at least the standard applications better and cheaper because we know the instrument much better than the customer does. We can also distribute the cost of development over many customers.

EETE: What is your opinion on uploading test analysis to the cloud? There are possibilities for evaluating data via cloud models: for example, production testing in the semiconductor industry. They say that the advantage is better application scalability.

Steffen: Our observations tell us that many companies are quite cautious about these sorts of offers. Small companies may not be able to afford to analyze their measurement results in-house, but I would be very surprised if a large semiconductor manufacturer would let a service provider evaluate its production measurement results. All companies carefully protect their quality data. That is why I don't believe that many companies would allow their confidential business data to be stored and processed by a service provider.

Then again, what we already have, and what I also believe has a future, is networking test instruments and integrating them into IT infrastructures. We have our own development databases for storing results and conducting centralized analysis. Remote access to test equipment is also useful for customer service. Technologies such as Remote Desktop allow you to display the results from a test instrument in Taiwan right in the developer's office. Functions like this are standard today, at least when it comes to higher performance T&M equipment. However, this

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