108Mp image sensor takes 8K videos under low light conditions

February 20, 2020 //By Julien Happich
image sensor
Samsung Electronics’ next-generation 108-megapixel image sensor, the Samsung ISOCELL Bright HM1, allows brighter and more detailed 108Mp photographs and crystal-clear 8K videos at 24fps, even under extreme lighting conditions.

Adopting the company’s Nonacell and Smart-ISO technologies, the 1/1.33” image sensor packs 108-million 0.8μm pixels. Nonacell is an enhanced version of the Tetracell technology launched in 2017, with a three-by-three pixel structure. In the HM1, Nonacell merges nine neighboring 0.8μm pixels to mimic a large 2.4μm pixel, more than doubling Tetracell’s light absorption.

As the number of adjoined cells increase, so does colour interference, making pixel-binning technologies more challenging, While such difficulties had limited Nonacell to a theory, the HM1 was able to realize the method by adopting Samsung’s ISOCELL Plus technology, which dramatically reduces crosstalk and minimizes optical loss as well as light reflection.

The HM1’s Smart-ISO technology produces vivid and vibrant images by intelligently selecting the optimal ISO. High ISOs are used in darker settings while low ISOs are better for brighter environments to control light saturation. In challenging mixed-light environments for photo-taking, the HM1’s real-time HDR technology optimizes exposures, producing more natural looking videos and still photographs.

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