10A mixed-layout connectors are industry’s smallest and lightest

October 22, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Harwin has extended its high-reliability connector portfolio with mixed-layout versions of its Gecko-SL series.

By complementing the data contacts with 2 or 4 power contacts (in power/data configurations of either 1+8+1 or 2+8+2), the Gecko-MT products enable significant space and weight reductions in electronic hardware. The respective power and data current ratings are 10A and 2.8A max per contact. The initial release comprises female and male cable connectors, plus female vertical and male right-angle PCB connector options. These components are fitted with sturdy, stainless steel screw-lok fixings (in both conventional and reversed formats), to ensure ongoing interconnect integrity in even the most challenging of application environments. They have 20G vibration and 100G shock resilience and their operational temperature range spans from -65°C to 150°C. Low out-gassing properties are also exhibited. By encompassing both data and power in a single compact and lightweight solution, Gecko-MT connectors are highly optimised for avionics, defence, space, and motorsport.
Harwin - www.harwin.com

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