1NCE uses cloud for free cellular IoT service for 12 months

December 16, 2020 // By Ally Winning
1NCE has introduced a new initiative that will see the company provide IoT developers with a full year of free, zero-commitment cellular IoT connectivity.
1NCE is offering IoT developers a full year of free, zero-commitment SIM-based cellular IoT connectivity using cloud technology.

The '1NCE For All' tariff is has been developed to give IoT developers the time to implement and test mobile connectivity in cellular IoT products.

The newly introduced 1NCE For All tariff will be available exclusively in AWS Marketplace. This latest initiative builds in the existing relationship between 1NCE and AWS, which begun in April this year with the launch of 1NCE IoT Flat Rate in AWS Marketplace. 1NCE IoT Flat Rate offered global cellular connectivity on a cloud-native infrastructure through 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT or LTE-M at a fixed price and no extra costs for setup or roaming.

The cellular IoT tariff consists of a free of charge IoT SIM card with 50 MB of data and 12 months runtime. There is no auto subscription at the end of the testing period and each customer can order up to 100 cards. After the year is over, the customer can pay a one-time fee of $10 per SIM card to move onto the 1NCE IoT Flat Rate with 10 years mobile connectivity, 500 MB of data, and 250 SMS plus worldwide availability in more than 100 countries.

In July, 1NCE introduced the 1NCE IoT Connectivity Suite on AWS. The connectivity suite standardizes and simplifies the connection, setup, operation, and development of IoT devices and services. It is a free service for 1NCE IoT Flat Rate customers that provides a toolbox of functions to quicken the process of authentication, integration, and optimizing device communication with a combination of cellular technologies and the AWS IoT infrastructure.

“By providing barrier-free cellular connectivity and a free offer for 12 months, IoT developers can take advantage and focus solely on building new IoT projects,” said Dirk Didascalou, Vice President of IoT, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “We are delighted to be working with 1NCE to support our customers and allow them to leverage the full potential of their IoT solutions on

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