2-way wideband active splitter for 2-port shunt-through impedance measurements

August 12, 2019 //By Julien Happich
wideband active splitter
Picotest has released the J2161A, 2-way wideband active splitter. This accessory enables the 2-port shunt-through impedance measurement on oscilloscopes.

Traditionally, this measurement has been performed on Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs) or Frequency Response Analyzers (FRAs). But oscilloscopes, such as the Tektronix Series 5 and 6 scopes, offers a software add-on to enable this and other FRA type measurements in the frequency domain.

The 2-port measurement is the ‘Gold Standard’ test for Power Distribution Network impedance in the microohm and milliOhm region used for power integrity verification. The J2161A, and J2102B ground loop breaker (needed for the 2-port measurement), are unique because they are the only solution designed for this test and for all scopes with FRA software features that support 2-port measurement.

Picotest - www.picotest.com

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