200 MHz scope for service, education roles

December 19, 2014 //By Graham Prophet
200 MHz scope for service, education roles
Rohde & Schwarz is expanding its RTM bench oscilloscope family with a model with features for the education sector. The instrument features a 200 MHz bandwidth and an education mode that deactivates special measurement tools to help students quickly learn how to work with an oscilloscope. A digital voltmeter and frequency counter option also supports users in development, manufacturing and service with fast, precise results.

The RTM is suitable for general T&M applications in development, manufacturing and service. Using the RTM B200, B201 and B202 bandwidth upgrade options, the 200 MHz models can grow with future requirements and be expanded to 500 MHz. The RTM-K32 digital voltmeter option has AC, DC, peak and crest factor measurements with three digit accuracy regardless of the oscilloscope's triggering. A seven digit frequency meter has also been integrated into the scope.

The education mode was developed for test and measurement lab teaching and makes it possible to disable all analysis tools (e.g. Autoset and QuickMeas) and automatic measurements. This improves the learning effect as students and learners have to calculate measurement results on their own. The mode is password protected.

With a sampling rate of 5 Gsample/sec and a memory depth of 20 Msamples, the RTM's functional range can be further expanded with additional options, including triggering and decoding serial buses (RTM K1 to K7). With 460 Msample memory depth, the RTM-K15 history and segmented memory option supports seamless analysis of data sequences with long rest periods, such as pulsed signals and serial bus data packets. The RTM-K31 power analysis option provides specialised measurement functions to automatically verify the quality of all components of switching power supplies.

Rohde & Schwarz; www.scope-of-the-art.com/ad/press/rtm

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