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December 14, 2014 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
2014 in Test and Measurement: Sensing, troubleshooting and HMI transformation
From current sensing to troubleshooting and HMI topics: Measuring is one of the most fundamental disciplines of engineering. Almost every engineer is involved in some king of measurement tasks. And much like other aspects of the engineer's work, testing and measuring is driven by constant changes. The list of the most popular articles in EE Times Europe's Test and Measurement section reflects this challenges - here are the articles that attracted the most interest from our readers.
while the application processor may get most of the attention it is the analog, MEMS sensors and RF that are far more plentiful.

What actually is 1 ampere?

In November 2014, the International Conference on Measures and Weights will likely agree on a new definition of the Ampere as one of the three basic dimensions of electricity. Just in time before the conference, a group of scientists from Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), the German Institute of Metrology, succeeded in developing something like the new gold standard for current: The device does not only generate a single-electron current but is also capable of measuring it - without relying on resistance and voltage as auxiliary values.

Measuring differential current at high precision and low cost

Products and solutions for the field of renewable energy have long been part of VAC's portfolio. For many years the Hanau-based company has supplied AC-DC-sensitive differential current sensors (DI sensors) for use in solar inverters as per EN 62109. In addition, VAC has identified further exciting areas of application for the future in modern advanced electronics.

Optimizing precision photodiode sensor circuit design

Photodiodes are one of the most popular sensor types for many light-based measurements. Applications such as absorption and emission spectroscopy, color measurement, turbidity, gas detection, etc., all rely on photodiodes for precision light measurement.

Get in touch with the changing user interface of today’s test instruments - part 1

New generations of electronics engineers, new groups of users with non-electronics background are increasingly utilizing complex test instruments. This constellation has led to a transformation of the user interface in lab instruments, and even to new ways to utilize these devices.

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