2.1x2.9mm MIPI CSI-2 serializer IC fits endoscopy

March 24, 2020 //By Julien Happich
serializer IC
Thine has released a 2.1x2.9mm packaged MIPI CSI-2 serializer IC, the THCV243, in high-volume. This new chip allows engineers to extend MIPI CSI-2 transmission to greater than 15 meters, also reducing a significant number of cables between the camera and processor board by aggregating the GPIO-type bidirectional control signals.

Demands for higher resolution and/or higher frame rate cameras require MIPI CSI-2 output, which are limited to a short transmission range of approximately 1 foot. To extend this distance to 10 feet or more, the THCV243 serializes up to 4 lanes of MIPI CSI-2 signals and converts it into a single lane of V-by-One HS. V-by-One HS technology is a high-speed digital interface protocol developed and owned by THine. It supports up to 4 Gbps per lane which can extend the transmission of 1080p60 2Mpixel uncompressed video over long distances.

THCV243’s companion chip, THCV242, deserializes the V-by-One HS signal generated by the THCV243 back to the original MIPI CSI-2 signal. The chipset supports “Sub-Link” that aggregates bidirectional low speed signals, such as GPIO. The separation of the V-by-One HS high speed signal path and Sub-Link enables easy debugging and gives more choices for physical harnesses including the utilization of Keyssa’s contactless connection for systems benefiting from or requiring a ruggedized, low latency, detachable camera.

THine Electronics - www.thine.co.jp/en

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