256Mb low-power SDRAMs in 134-Ball and 168-ball FBGA packages

May 06, 2019 //By Julien Happich
low-power SDRAMs
Alliance Memory’s latest additions to its portfolio of low-power SDRAMs for mobile and embedded systems include two 256Mb LPDDR2 devices: the AS4C8M32MD2A-25B2CN and AS4C8M32MD2A-25BCN.

The company's lineup of high-speed CMOS mobile low-power SDRAMs includes SDR (LPSDR), double data rate (LPDDR), and DDR2 (LPDDR2) devices. Operating from 1.8V, the company's LPSDR SDRAMs are available in densities of 128Mb, 256Mb, and 512Mb in 54-ball and 90-ball FBGA packages. LPDDR devices feature operate from 1.7V to 1.95V and have densities of 256Mb, 512Mb, 1Gb, and 2Gb in the 60-ball and 90-ball FBGA packages. Enabling ultra-slim designs, LPDDR2 SDRAMs operate from 1.2V/1.8V, offering densities of 256Mb, 1Gb, 2Gb, and 4Gb in the 134-ball and 168-ball FBGA packages. The low-power SDRAMs offer a variety of power-saving features, including auto temperature-compensated self-refresh (TCSR) to minimize power consumption at lower ambient temperatures. In addition, their partial-array self-refresh (PASR) feature reduces power by only refreshing critical data, while a deep power down (DPD) mode provides an ultra-low power state when data retention isn't required.

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