2Gb+2Gb NAND+LPDDR4x in a multi-chip package

June 27, 2019 //By Julien Happich
multi-chip package
Winbond’s W71NW20KK1KW multi-chip package (MCP) combines 2Gb of non-volatile Flash with 2Gb of high-speed DRAM to bring cost optimized memory capacity to static 5G modem applications.

The 1.8V 2Gb+2Gb NAND Flash and LPDDR4x memory product comes in a 8.0x9.5x0.8mm multi-chip package, providing sufficient memory capacity for 5G cellular modems intended for use as Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) as an alternative to fixed-line copper or optical xDSL links in the last mile of high-speed broadband networks.
The W71NW20KK1KW is a 149-ball Ball Grid Array (BGA) MCP consisting of a 2Gb SLC NAND Flash die and a 2Gb LPDDR4x DRAM die. The robust SLC NAND Flash offers excellent endurance specifications and high data integrity. The SLC NAND only requires 4-bit ECC to achieve high data integrity, but the device s 2KB+128B page size provides enough space for the use of 8-bit ECC. The W71NW20KK1KW has an 8-bit bus, and is organized in blocks of 64 pages. The NAND dies performance specifications include a maximum page Read time of 25µs and a typical page program time of 250µs. Operating at 1866MHz, the LPDDR4x DRAM die provides an LVSTL_11 interface and features eight internal banks for concurrent operation. It offers a data rate of up to 4267MT/s, supporting the fast data-transfer rates to be offered by 5G cellular networks.
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