4mm inline fuse adapter

July 23, 2019 //By Julien Happich
fuse adapter
Cal Test Electronics’ CT4140A is a 4mm inline fuse adapter rated for 1kV CAT IV. T

The adapter adds flexibility to virtually any electrical application as it fits in-series with existing test set-ups. Easily connecting inline with sheathed 4 mm banana plugs, the CT4140A extends safety by reducing risks associated with arc flashes. In the event of a power surge, its internal fast acting fuse will cut power in fractions of a second, thereby protecting the individual and equipment.
The device allows users to easily replace blown fuses. Unscrew the forward portion of the body to access and replace the 6x32mm type FF fast-acting ceramic fuse. Fuses range from 0.5 A to 2 A.

Cal Test Electronics – WWW.caltestelectronics.com

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