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January 19, 2015 //By Martin Rowe
5 Things That Will Drive Test in 2015
These items stand out as the significant factors in test and measurement for 2015.

Power-integrity problems are usually associated with high-speed digital systems. When devices switch, they draw high instantaneous current that, because of inductance on PCB planes and traces, can pull down a power rail. That's certainly going to get worse as data rates go ever higher. Steve Sandler, Managing Director at Picotest, will deliver a tutorial at DesignCon 2015 on how power integrity is becoming every electronic designer's problem.

Not only have signals taken on microwave characteristics, but now power devices can switch that quickly. "GaN IGallium Nitride) power devices can switch at rates of 300 V/ns and it could replace silicon in power devices," said Sandler. The figure below shows that GaN devices can have rise times as short as 20 ps. Having power that switches significantly faster will certainly affect power-supply design plus power-delivery systems.

An GaN FET edge pulse rise time of approximately 20 ps.

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