5G and cellular IoTmultiband antenna the size of a rice-grain

March 03, 2020 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Rice-grain size multiband antenna for 5G and cellular IoT
FRACTUS ANTENNAS has announced ONE mXTEND™, a tiny, multiband antenna booster that is as big as a rice grain and covers 2G through to 5G

ONE mXTEND™, with a tiny volume of 21 mm 3, is designed to provide worldwide 5G and cellular IoT connectivity in a miniature and ultra-slim, multiband antenna component avoiding the usual problem with size restrictions. The antenna booster has been specifically designed for providing multiband performance in wireless devices with small space requirements and is capable of being adapted, with a high level of flexibility, to the antenna designer needs. The miniature antenna, in spite of its small size, covers 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G all in one antenna package.

This multiband antenna booster in only 7.0- x 3.0- x 1.0-mm enables coverage from 824 to 5000 MHz and gives any wireless designer the smallest volume antenna for cellular IoT and 5G. It is an off the shelf component ready to be assembled into any wireless device as any other chip is mounted.

The ONE mXTEND™ antenna booster belongs to a new generation of antennas based on Virtual Antenna™ technology owned by FRACTUS ANTENNAS. This technology enables replacing conventional and custom antennas by a new class of so-called antenna boosters, delivered in the form of a new range of miniature and off-the-shelf chip antenna components. These new chip antennas are by nature multiband and multipurpose, so they fit in a variety of wireless platforms to provide a wireless link at many different communication services. By using a Virtual Antenna™ component the design becomes more predictable compared to a custom iomplementation, making the whole process faster, cheaper and easier.


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