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June 14, 2014 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
5G, IoT pose new challenges to testing
With test automation being a burning issue, 5G radio networks in the transition from the embryonic to the fetal phase and the Internet of Things taking shape, manufacturers of test equipment are active in a terrain mined with technology decisions that need to be taken but many uncertainties as to which direction the markets will develop. EE Times Europe discussed these issues with Jonathan Borrill, Director of Market Strategy at RF test technology provider Anritsu.
or institutions that are leading the pack?

Borrill: There is one project that is called the 5G innovation centre, 5GIC, led by the university of Surrey in England, and there are many industrial participants. There the METIS project, an industry collaboration, and there are some EU-driven projects.

eeNews Europe: How would you assess the role of Europe in this technology - will the business be driven more by Asian companies as this is the case in 3G and 4G?

Borrill: It seems that the reason for the EU funding is that the EU governments want to try to recover the business back to Europe. For mobile phones, in GSM, 3G and Wideband CDMA Europe really led the world in the technology. In LTE Europe lost this leading position. There are governments that seem determined to bring that technology back to Europe; in particular the British and German governments who signed an agreement to do joint developments so we can rebuild our expertise, build the telecommunications industry. We regard this as very positive.

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