60Hz VGA thermal image sensor is only 16.5x16.5mm

April 09, 2019 //By Julien Happich
60Hz VGA thermal image sensor is only 16.5x16.5mm
The Atto640 VGA/12 micron thermal image sensor from ULIS covers commercial and defence applications, such as thermal weapon sights, surveillance and handheld thermography cameras, as well as personal vision systems.

Compared to a 17µm pixel pitch technology, the 12µm pixel pitch of the 16.5x16.5mm SMT Atto640 allows manufacturers to use smaller and lower cost optics. The Atto640 achieves its size advantage over competing models through its Wafer Level Packaging (WLP) technology, in which the detector window is directly bonded to the wafer, a technique enabling a significant reduction in the overall dimension of the sensor. Samples of Atto640 are currently available, with production ramp-up slated for the end of 2019.

ULIS - www.ulis-ir.com

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