6A load switch integrates voltage detector

March 15, 2019 //By Julien Happich
6A load switch integrates voltage detector
The R5542 from Ricoh Electronic Devices is a versatile load switch embedded in an ultra-small wafer level chip scaled package and is able to switch currents up to 6A. With an internal on-resistance of only 9 mΩ, the R5542 will cause almost no voltage drop between input and output, in this way the power dissipation of the chip is kept to a minimum.

The actual switching element of the R5542 consists of an N-Channel MOSFET and is controlled by the LCE input to switch the power rails. Other advantages of a load switch are the possibility to set up a specific power-on sequence of various power supplies but also the total BOM count and total required board-space is significantly reduced. Measuring 1.68x1.28x0.65mm, the load switch consumes typically 10µA in On-mode and 1µA in Off-mode. An additional voltage detector on board makes it possible to control the load switch when exceeding a specific voltage threshold. All voltage detector terminals are isolated from the load switch, so it can be configured and powered independently (by the VDI input). A delay can be created on the output by adding a resistor and capacitor on the VDO output. Users can select the threshold in a range from 2.0 to 5.5 V in a 0.1 V step.

Ricoh Electronic Devices - www.e-devices.ricoh.co.jp

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