6pin M8 snap-in cable connectors simplify sensor-actuator designs

September 30, 2021 // By Nick Flaherty
6pin M8 snap-in cable connectors simplify sensor-actuator designs
Field-wireable M8 signal cable connectors from binder now have 5 and 6 pins for sensor and actuator applications.

Binder in Germany has expanded its range of straight over moulded M8 snap-in connectors with 5 and 6 pin versions.

The M8 signal cables are available with either PUR or PVC cables up to 2 m or 5 m standard length. Customised lengths can also be developed on request. As the locking mechanism does not require any rotating elements, these connectors are particularly easy and efficient to handle.

While the electrical connection is established by mating and unmating, the mechanical locking is provided by means of snap-in elements. These are pushed axially into one another during the mating process and then held in position by spring force. In order to release the connection, this force must be overcome and the plug pulled off backwards in an axial movement. As the connector latches and unlatches, a clicking sound will be heard. As a major advantage over screw or bayonet locking, the snap-in technique does not require any rotating elements. This makes the corresponding connectors very easy to handle – an essential requirement for efficient, time-saving installation.

With rated voltages between 30 V and 60 V, the products are suitable for rated currents of 1.5 A to 3 A, depending on the wire gauge and number of pins. The existing 3- and 4-pin versions are specified for 2 A (0.14 mm2 wire gauge) and for 4 A (0.25 mm2, 0.34 mm2, and AWG 22), respectively. The latest 5- and 6-pin versions are rated for 3 A and 1.5 A, respectively. They withstand rated impulse voltages of 1500 V (3- and 4-pin) and 800 V (5- and 6-pin).

The 718 series M8 snap-in circular connectors meet the IP65 protection requirements when mated. The contacts are gold-plated brass for male and bronze for female contacts and allow in excess of 50 mating cycles.

All the connectors in the series operate from -40 °C to +70 °C in static condition.

"With the M8 circular connectors and the quick locking mechanism, we are strengthening our position as a solution provider in automation technology. We will be happy to offer further variants or even customer-specific solutions with the snap-in latch on request," said Guido Werner, Product Manager at binder.


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