8 channel 8-in-1 oscilloscope is fully upgradeable to 6GHz

May 13, 2020 //By Nick Flaherty
8 channel 8-in-1 oscilloscope is fully upgradeable to 6GHz
The Infiniium MXR oscilloscope from Keysight Technologies provides up to 8 analogue channels from 500MHz to 6 GHz and 16 simultaneous digital channels with eight instruments in one.

Keysight Technologies has used custom chips from its high end oscilloscope series for a mid-range test system with 8 analogue channels from 500MHz to 6 GHz and 16 simultaneous digital channels.

The Infiniium MXR-Series combines eight separate instruments and is fully upgradeable for the first time, says Keysight. Alongside the oscilloscope function there is also a real-time spectrum analyzer (RTSA), oscilloscope, digital voltmeter (DVM), waveform generator, Bode plotter, counter, protocol analyzer, and logic analyzer.

As a result the MXR is aimed at high-speed digital designs, power integrity verification, Wi-Fi 6, IoT, IIoT and imaging and gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors. The RTSA function uses overlapping FFT signal analysis to capture transient signals, especially across spread spectrum and agile wireless systems. This has a 320MHz bandwidth across all the channels.

A new fault hunter function developed for the MXR learns normal signals and compares them over time to find abnormal signals to identify the root cause of rare or randomly occurring errors.

The basic 500MHz, 4 channel unit can be upgraded to 8 channels with a hardware card and to 6GHz and ?? memory with a software key. The warranty is also upgradeable, says Mike Hoffman, the NXR product manager at Keysight.

The InP ADCs and custom ASICs from the 110GHz UXR family with 2GHz direct down conversion have been used for the MXR, with the user interface from the S-series

“The MXR product is using the ADC and memory processing chips and the hardware spectrum analysis from the UXR family. Their inclusion of 8 in 1 measurement functionality and ease of use flow from the entry level part of the product line means its combining the best of both worlds,” said said Jay Alexander, CTO at Keysight Technologies (above).

The MXR uses the same probes as the S-series as well as standard B and C style probes.

The datasheet is at  www.keysight.com

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