ADI uprates 6GHz DAC with on-chip synthesiser

August 10, 2016 //By Graham Prophet
ADI uprates 6GHz DAC with on-chip synthesiser
Analog Devices’ AD9164 is a digital to analogue converter that spans audio to 6 GHz frequencies; it has the same conversion specification as the recently-announced AD9162, and also includes an on-chip direct digital synthesizer; it offers more accuracy in a smaller footprint for diverse applications ranging from radar to smartphone testing.

The AD9164 D/A converter supports high resolution radar images for designers of military and commercial radar while reducing solution component count. For designers of precision instrumentation equipment, such as smartphone testers, the new device ensures improved accuracy as well as speed of test, contributing to faster market-ready time while significantly decreasing tester complexity and size. Thanks to its audio to 6 GHz frequency coverage (it is a 16-bit, 12-Gsample/sec AD9162 converter with 2.5-GHz bandwidth) the AD9164 D/A, ADI says, moves the tester market one step closer to a universal wireless test platform.

The devices comes with its own “remote evaluation tool”; you can ‘test-drive’ the AD9164 at:

It is supported by an evaluation board that has a common footprint for each of the D/A converters in this device family.

ADI presents the AD9164 as having the highest linearity in its D/A converters portfolio; 100 to 1,000 times improved spectral purity versus previous generation ADI solutions (20-30 dB better); and higher agility, with frequency change time now a 100 times shorter than traditional ADI phased locked loop (PLL) systems.

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