Advanced IMU feature ultra-low gyro noise and accelerometer noise

October 20, 2016 //By Julien Happich
Advanced IMU feature ultra-low gyro noise and accelerometer noise
The ADIS16490 is what Analog Devices claims to be its most advanced IMU, leveraging years of system-level experience and ADI’s best performing angular rate and linear acceleration MEMS cores combined with precision calibration, sensor filtering, and fusion.

The device is said to offer the lowest Gyro Angular Random Walk and Accelerometer Velocity Random Walk to help eliminate jitter in stabilization feedback loops. It maintains low positional drift in navigation applications where a carefully balanced combination of low noise, tight alignment, vibration immunity, and wide bandwidth (480 Hz Gyro, 750 Hz Accel) provide the lowest total error for the most challenging system implementations. 

ADI will be sampling two new variants of the ADIS16490 IMU by the end of 2016. The ADIS16495 and ADIS16497 IMUs have a gyro range of up to 2000 dps, respective accelerometer ranges of 8 and 40g, a low gyro noise down to 0.002 °/sec/root-Hz rms and respective accelerometer noise of 16mg/root-Hz rms and 80mg/root-Hz rms. Both parts are rated for operation in the -40 to 105ºC temperature range and will ship in a 44×47×14mm module.

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