AEL Crystals adds SiTime’s MEMS to its portfolio

June 28, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Partnering with MEMs timing technology provider SiTime, frequency control products supplier AEL Crystals has further enhanced its range to include MEMs oscillators.

MEMS oscillators consist of a MEMS resonator die mounted on top of a high-performance, programmable analog oscillator IC which is moulded into standard low-cost plastic SMD packages, with footprints compatible with quartz devices. The devices are also available in ultra-small chip-scale packages (CSP). The MEMS oscillators are based on a programmable architecture that allows the customization of frequency, supply voltage and other features. Measuring 2.0x1.2mm, the SiT15xx 32.768kHz MEMS timing solutions are designed for mobile, IoT and wearable applications where space and power are critical. In addition to RTC products SiTime offer MHz oscillators in a 1.5x0.8mm CSP. The SiT8021 µPower oscillator offers both low power in operation at 270µA maximum along with a standby mode under 0.7µA.

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