AI-enabled industrial PC can be configured flexibly

May 19, 2020 // By Julien Happich
industrial PC
With its AI industrial computer RML A3 Dev (NVIDIA AGX Xavier), Syslogic supports companies in advancing their projects in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

The industrial computer can be configured flexibly and is available within a short time. The RML A3 Dev is based on the AGX-Xavier module from NVIDIA’s Jetson series. During development, Syslogic focused on maximum flexibility. Serial and CAN interfaces can be freely configured in terms of quantity and function. Depending on the requirements, high-precision GNSS receivers can be integrated by adding boards that allow extremely precise location tracking of a vehicle or mobile machine. Furthermore, 5G modems and digital I/Os are available to ensure low-latency data processing. Theoretically, the RML A3 Dev can also be used as a series device. However, many customers choose a device that is based on the RML A3 Dev, but only contains the features they actually need. This makes the customized device considerably leaner than the RML A3 Dev, which is an important factor depending on the application. For the RML A3 Dev, Syslogic relies on NVIDIA’s Jetson AGX Xavier module, which features an eight-core CPU combined with a 512-core Volta GPU. Pre-trained neuronal networks combined with GPU-accelerated data processing at the network edge enable autonomous decisions without human intervention and without connection to the cloud.

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