AI-powered data tracker continuously automates protection for GDPR compliance

April 13, 2018 //By Julien Happich
AI-powered data tracker continuously automates protection for GDPR compliance
MinerEye Data Tracker is an AI-powered governance and data protection solution that enables companies to continuously identify, organize, track and protect vast information assets including undermanaged, unstructured and dark data for safe and compliant cloud migration.

To do so, the tool employs machine learning and computer vision to scan enterprise data repositories at the byte and pixel level. Sensitive data is mapped, tagged and secured according to data protection and compliance regulations including GDPR, HIPPA, PCI-DSS, SOC2, and EU-U.S.

"Companies cannot protect, manage or utilize information they can't find," argues MinerEye CEO and Co-Founder Yaniv Avidan. “Using our Interpretive AI, MinerEye fuses computer vision and machine learning to track information at the byte and pixel level, which no other solution has achieved."

Most data tracking and classification technologies categorize data based on descriptive elements such as file size, type, name and location. MinerEye dives deeply into the basic data form to its essence – to uncover and categorize data groups that have not been pre-specified. Using AI, and a small number of exemplar files, MinerEye learns, detects, and categorizes unspecified types of information. For example, it can detect and group sensitive contracts, customer complaints, log files, corporate videos, or legacy employee information.

The company says the tool will save enterprises millions in data storage costs, while easing cloud migration, helping them continuously protect against security breaches and ensure regulatory compliance – especially GDPR.

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