Aito offers touch sensors with haptic feedback

December 16, 2014 // By Peter Clarke
Aito offers touch sensors with haptic feedback
Aito BV (Zaastad, The Netherlands), a developer of software-enhanced piezoelectric touch sensors has announced the availability of ATH220 and ATH222 controller ICs that enable touch sensors to also provide haptic feedback.

With these devices, it is now possible to sense the touch of a finger on a flat panel surface and immediately confirm operation with a physical sensation created by haptic vibration.

The ATH220 controller has 10 channels that allows for various combinations of piezoelectric input and haptic, LED indicator and buzzer outputs, supporting a maximum of five haptic piezoelectric touch buttons when configured without buzzer and LEDs. The ATH222 has 18 configurable channels allowing up to six haptic piezos, 5 LEDs and a buzzer simultaneously.

Both devices have the ability to apply multiple haptic, LED and audio feedback waveforms so that each touch key can provide a distinct response. So, while it is possible to mimic the 'click' sound and feel of a mechanical button, more sophisticated responses can also be devised to communicate other control functions.

Evaluation kit of the ATH222

These latest controllers are being targeted at home appliances and mobile devices that can also benefit from the other advantages of Aito’s touch technology, such as the ability to work with metal surfaces and use seamless, sealed panels.

In common with previous AitoTouch controllers, the ATH22x devices also enable different piezoelectric sensing parameters to be set for each key - to determine sensitivity, detection area, and to cope with different overlay stiffness, materials or mechanical integration conditions.

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