Analog Devices, Linear deal highlights key power trends

August 07, 2016 // By Nick Flaherty
Analog Devices, Linear deal highlights key power trends
EETimes Europe editor Nick Flaherty talks to Peter Real, CTO and senior vice president at Analog Devices (Norwood, MA) about the company's recent acquisition of Linear Technology (Milpitas, CA).

The recent deal that sees Analog Devices (ADI) buying Linear Technology (LTC) for $14.8bn highlights some of the key trends in the industry, says Peter Real, chief technology officer and senior vice president at Analog Devices. This is opening up opportunities in software defined power and energy harvesting for the $30bn combined company.

“The way I would frame it is from the customer base and the end market – we are seeing this more and more with the technology we have that customers want is domain expertise and technology expertise but also understand what that customer is trying to do at a higher level with a more sophisticated supplier base,” he said. “The requirements of the partnership with suppliers is evolving. A few years ago signal conditioning was different from signal processing from signal acquisition but now you need a broader suite of capabilities.”

The market of technology has driven Analog into the power management space.

“As you advance geometries you need very effective power management solutions,” he said. “As we follow clock speeds forward over the next few years, being more complete in the signal chain or the associated power solutions is going to define the more compelling supplier base. What was elemental and discrete several years ago is congregating and aggregating so you need a greater suite of technologies.”

Power chart
Power management is the key element in ADI's
acquisition of Linear Technology

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