Android migration service for discontinued Windows Embedded OS

December 03, 2019 // By Julien Happich
Android migration
The Urgent Android Migration service launched by Portech Systems is aimed at organisations that have not started the planning process to migrate their Windows Embedded Mobile 6.5 devices and scanners.

Any business that is still using Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5, particularly in the warehouse, manufacturing and retail sectors, will be affected as support will come to an end in January 2020.

Alarmingly, a recent enterprise mobility study revealed that more than 50 percent of decision-makers said they will remain on legacy Windows after the End of Life phase or are still evaluating their options. This means that organisations will be running software that’s no longer supported or patched, resulting in the potential for data compromise and financial losses.

The Urgent Android Migration service will help organisations to make timely, business-critical decisions to ensure business continuity and minimise the cost of the transition to a new Android Operating System (OS). It includes an analysis of current device landscape, functionality and requirements for solutions and apps, guidance with selecting an appropriate device, migration and post-migration support.

The Android OS is the number one platform that organisations are choosing to replace legacy Windows. As an open-source platform, Android OS enables developers to respond quickly when users need new functionality or need to scale their deployments. These include custom security APIs, hardware integration APIs, and more robust mobile device management features. Android is currently the most used mobile OS in the world. Most members of a workforce are already familiar with the platform and that ease of use and familiarity makes the transition much easier.

Portech has launched the service to complement its work in developing enterprise mobile enterprise applications and support.

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