Anglia delivers total battery pack service for untethered electronics: Page 2 of 2

January 27, 2020 // By Julien Happich
battery pack
Anglia has announced a total battery pack service, offering full design-in support on standard, customised and fully bespoke solutions based on primary or rechargeable cells in a choice of output voltages and capacities.

Its long service life and deep cycling capabilities make it particularly suitable for stand-alone applications and off-grid systems. NiMH also remains a very popular chemistry, it offers a safe, simple to integrate and very cost-effective option for applications where space constraints are not an issue.

For low energy applications like security systems, wireless alarms and computer memory back-up that require long standby life, Lithium Thionyl Chloride from Anglia is an excellent option.

There is also a trend in many IoT applications which are remotely located with no access to a power connection but still need to have a long service life, such as remote sensing and telemetry systems. For these applications Anglia also offers Lithium, Alkaline and other non-rechargeable chemistries which can be offered in standard formats or with customisation such as addition of PCB tabs or wire leads and connectors.

Anglia not only offers the battery pack with a comprehensive suite of customisation options; they can even have the customer’s own part number and brand name printed on the packs.

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