ARM-based exascale supercomputer takes top spot, tackles Covid-19: Page 2 of 2

June 24, 2020 //By Nick Flaherty
The Fugaku ARM-based supercomputer in Japan is the world's most powerful supercomputer with performance over 1 exaflop, and is being used to model drugs to fight Covid-19
Fugaku in Japan is the first ARM-based supercomputer to be the world's most powerful, with performance over 1 exaflops, and is being used to model drugs to fight Covid-19

In second position in energy efficiency is a new NVIDIA Selene supercomputer, a DGX A100 SuperPOD powered by the new A100 GPUs. This ranks at seven on the TOP500 for performance.

The Fugaku supercomputer is ninth in the power efficiency, with 14.67 gigaflops per watt. Perhaps surprisingly given the use of the ARM cores, it is just behind the IBM Power-based Summit in power efficiency at 14.72 gigaflops/watt. A full report on the Fugaku system by Jack Dongerra of the University of Manchester is at the Fugaku Report

The Top500 list is at

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