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August 07, 2016 //By Sanjeev Sarpal, Advanced Solutions Nederland
ASN Filter Script: a new paradigm in bespoke filter design
The ASN Filter Script programming interface forms part of the ASN filter designer design tool, allowing designers a simple route to interactively designing bespoke filters, by entering their specifications as simple symbolic mathematical expressions.
of Scilab (the open-source software for numerical computing), R (the language structured for statistical computing and graphics), and ANSI C; and embodying approaches such as those seen in other commercial products such as Matlab – providing the designer with a familiar and powerful programming language, while at the same time allowing designers to implement complex symbolic mathematical expressions for their applications.


ASN Filter Script IDE

All developed code may be run within the tool's IDE (integrated development environment), providing designers with a user-friendly development environment with all of the necessary functionality needed to successfully optimise the transfer function for the application considered. The IDE is fully compatible with the ASN Filter designer's signal analyser, allowing designers to concoct a test signal and modify the design parameters on the fly - where, the effects on filtered output test signal can be seen in real-time.

Video clips on the tool are here and (in animated form) here.


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