Audio amplifier makes e-cars' voice heard

March 04, 2014 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Audio amplifier makes e-cars' voice heard
Perhaps not the most urgent problem associated to electromobility, but still a problem is the fact that these vehicles are so silent - they frequently are missed by careless pedestrians. For this reason, carmakers are searching for ways to give e-cars an acoustic signature, called Acoustic Vehicle Alerting (AVA). To make the car's voice heard, Toshiba has developed an integrated power amplifier.

Along with a loudspeaker, Toshiba's TB2909FNG power amplifier turns the AVA signals into audible sound. Besides AVA signals it also supports other sound-generating systems in the car, such as reverse warning systems and the confirmation beeps from the Remote Keyless Entry. Implemented as a single-channel, class AB, single-ended push-pull amplifier the TB2909FNG delivers 5W to the loudspeaker. The device is automotive-qualified and designed to operate under rather extreme temperature conditions from -40°C to +110°C.

It is expected that AVA systems will become mandatory because a minimum noise level is required for safety reasons, in particular for vehicles at very low speed. Typically carmakers imitate the sound of a conventional combustion engine - this has the most pronounced alerting effect to pedestrians.

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