Australian company BluGlass launches Laser Diode business unit

October 24, 2019 // By Julien Happich
With the aim to build out a supply chain and capture greater downstream manufacturing value, Australian semiconductor developer BluGlass has launched a novel business unit to market blue Laser diodes.

The GaN Laser diode market represents a serviceable addressable market (SAM) of more than US$658M by 2025, of which the company aim to gain between 6 to 10% (US$40-65M) SAM market share by 2025. The new business unit will leverage BluGlass’ unique RPCVD Tunnel Junction (TJ) Technology to enable higher brightness and higher efficiency GaN Laser diodes. The company has the pre-installed RPCVD capacity onsite in Silverwater to gain significant Laser diode revenues and build a profitable business unit. BluGlass is developing GaN laser diode prototypes and expects to deliver its first laser diode product next calendar year. These new products are expected to deliver a clear path to significant revenues from CY2021.

The new business unit will be headed by the VP of Business Development, Brad Siskavich out of BluGlass’ US office. Mr. Siskavich has over 20 years of experience in laser diode business management.

“BluGlass is entering the Laser diode market as a result of our success in demonstrating tunnel junctions as a building block for high-performance, cascade LEDs. Our RPCVD tunnel junction technology has unique, compelling advantages to drive performance and cost improvements for the GaN laser diode market,” said BluGlass Managing Director, Giles Bourne.

“LEDs and laser diodes are, in their physics and material growth, very similar, which allows us to accelerate our entry into this new market space without diluting our activities on other RPCVD applications.’’

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