Baolab buries MEMS into CMOS production line

January 17, 2012 // By Peter Clarke
Baolab buries MEMS into CMOS production line
Baolab Microsystems SL (Barcelona, Spain) a startup pioneering the creation of microelectromechancial systems (MEMS) within the metal interconnect layers of CMOS wafers, has announced that will offer evaluation kits for its tri-axis compass by the end of February 2012.

"We are now producing NanoEMS sensors in volume in a standard CMOS production line." said Dave Doyle, Baolab's CEO, in a statement. Doyle did not name the foundry producing the tri-axis compass but has in the past gone on the record saying that Baolab is "working with two of the largest foundries in the world."

"The move from lab to fab is a significant milestone for the company, proving that our innovative technology is reliable, scalable and repeatable. This was the critical stage that our customers have been waiting for," said Doyle. "NanoEMS makes it much easier and more cost effective to integrate MEMS sensors with microcontrollers and associated electronics all on the same chip in the same CMOS production line. This is the breakthrough that will enable high volume, consumer electronics products to have intelligent sensors, meeting the increasing demand for smarter, more aware devices," he added.

Baolab, founded in 2003, has a vision of NanoEMS structures incorporated into ASICs for applications such as RF antennas, switches and Near Field Communications.

Applications that Baolab is investigating include: vibrating antenna; thermo-magnetic RF switches & antennas; modal switches within on-chip transmission lines; integrated inductors, transformers, capacitors; RF filters; and charge pump power converters.

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