Battery-operated wireless sensor kit, ready to go

December 12, 2019 //By Julien Happich
sensor kit
The TI LaunchPad SensorTag kit offers integrated environmental and motion sensors, multi band wireless connectivity and easy-to-use software to help you prototype your next connected application.

It expands upon the TI LaunchPad ecosystem providing a fully enclosed and battery-operated kit designed to enable rapid prototyping to help IoT developers evaluate new product ideas without having to develop any hardware or software from scratch. Making the LaunchPad SensorTag kit more unique, it is based on the CC1352R multi band wireless MCU which is part of the SimpleLink microcontroller platform providing all the building blocks for a secure and low-power connected topology. Along with the LaunchPad development ecosystem, developers can easily mix and match hardware to create any desired topology. The kit offers FCC, CE, and IC certified radio for multi band operation at 2.4GHz and Sub-1 GHz empowering the developer with simultaneous operation across multiple wireless stacks (Bluetooth Low Energy, Sub-1 GHz, Thread, Zigbee, and 802.15.4). It showcases four on board low power sensors for ambient light, temperature and humidity, magnetic field and acceleration.

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