Battery protector in lowest quiescent current fuel gauge ICs

August 22, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Battery protector
Designers concerned about battery safety now have access to the most advanced battery protector with integrated fuel gauges, claims Maxim Integrated Products, with new 1-cell, pack-side ICs, the MAX17301 and the MAX17311.

The chips integrate the best protector in the industry by having the most configurable settings for battery safety. These are the only 1-cell fuel gauges in the market that offer 2-level Li-ion protection, providing an additional layer of security in case the primary protector fails. This secondary protection scheme permanently disables the battery by overriding a secondary protector or blowing a fuse in severe fault conditions. All ICs in the family are equipped with Maxim’s patented ModelGauge m5 EZ algorithm said to deliver highest state-of-charge (SOC) accuracy that on average offers 40 percent better accuracy than competitive offerings and eliminates the need for battery characterization. These fuel gauges also offer the industry’s lowest quiescent current (I Q) – up to 80 percent lower than the nearest competitor, and feature SHA-256 authentication to safeguard the systems from counterfeit batteries.
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