Blue Laser modules output 20W for materials processing

June 24, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Blue Laser
SLD Laser has demonstrated ultra-compact, high power, high brightness, fiber coupled blue laser modules for materials processing applications.

The ultra-compact module, roughly the footprint of a credit card, delivers over 20 watts from a 100 micron transport fiber. The technology is modular and can be power scaled and aggregated with optical fibers into higher power systems to deliver hundreds of watts from high brightness delivery fibers less than 600 microns diameter. SLD’s blue laser modules feature the company’s proprietary and patented Semipolar GaN laser diode technology, with highly efficient and reliable operation to enable system integrators and application development teams to configure solutions for a wide variety of applications, and get to market quickly.

Because it is also highly absorptive in non-metals and organics, SLD’s blue laser light is well suited for marking, engraving, and cutting of these materials. Moreover, for biomedical applications, SLD’s blue laser light exhibits more than ten times absorption in blood hemoglobin and melanin in skin than infrared lasers, enabling next generation solutions in dermatology and surgery.

In addition to the high power blue laser module technology, SLD has recently initiated production of UL and IEC safety certified LaserLight-SMD and LaserLight-Fiber products, including the world’s first 12,000 lumen LaserLight spotlight for outdoor lighting applications.

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