BMS connects vehicle battery to the online universe

May 15, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
BMS connects vehicle battery to the online universe
With the launch of an advanced 48V Li-ion battery for small two- and three-wheel vehicles, startup company ION Energy has exited stealth mode. With its battery management system, ION Energy follows a platform approach – the BMS is accessible for applications running on the system locally as well as in the cloud.

Udyr, as the battery is called, is an intelligent, modular and portable system. Utilizing NMC cells from Korean vendor LG-Chem, the battery’s chemistry is rather conventional. Nevertheless, the makers promise enhanced performance and an increase of the battery’s service life up to 200% through its sophisticated, chemistry-agnostic BMS. This, in turn, will help to drive down the cost of ownership for users of electric vehicles, ION Energy argues.

Udyr communicates with the outside world through Bluetooth and a CAN bus interface, allowing for real-time, over-the-air (OTA) data relay to both the driver (rider, in the case of an e-bike or scooter) or the asset owner, for instance the operator of a fleet of e-bikes. These data can be integrated into ION’s suite of existing and future software applications. Available are applications that relay battery analytics data to the cloud. Fleet operators can thus check the charge status of their batteries as well as the vehicle’s location at any time.

Besides developing battery systems, ION plans to license the BMS and its software to third parties, including vehicle OEMs, as part of its business model.

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