Bottom up approach yields atomic-thin FinFETs: Page 2 of 2

March 11, 2020 //By Julien Happich
In today’s FinFETs, a semiconducting channel is vertically wrapped by conformal gate electrodes, and the race is on to either shrink the fin’s width or move onto gate-all-around transistors integrating carbon nanotubes as the channel.

False-coloured SEM image of an ML-Fin array, with a 50nm
pitch and 300nm fin height. Scale bar is 300nm.

The paper reports monolayer FinFET structure with a record-breaking fin width of 0.6nm, capable of on/off ratios reaching about 107, with a sub-threshold swing of about 300mV/dec and mobilities on the order of a few cm2V-1s-1. The authors also demonstrated fin-arrays with a minimum pitch of 50nm. They note that in the future, gate electrodes could also be made of a carbon nanotube thin film to shrink the whole device.

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