Bridge completion modules enable high quality strain measurements

May 28, 2020 //By Julien Happich
Bridge completion modules
Built with Vishay foil resistors, the MRF-Series Bridge Completion Modules (BCM) released by Micro-Measurements improve the quality of strain measurements for a broad range of applications, such as medical, smart manufacturing, structural health monitoring (SHM), machine health monitoring (MHM), and human health monitoring (HHM).

Since many general-purpose instruments do not provide internal bridge completion capability, the MRF-Series of BCMs effectively implements a full Wheatstone bridge for accurate and stable measurements when testing specimens structured as a ¼ -bridge (single gage) or ½ -bridge (dual gages). The MRF-Series modules are offered in several configurations that will allow for bridge completion for 120, 350, 1000 and now 5000 ohm quarter-bridges along with half bridge completion as well. The 32x18.2x5.7mm device can be installed in tight areas such as medical devices and printed circuit assemblies. They modules also enables users to make ¼-bridge and ½-bridge inputs to instrumentation that may not have internal Wheatstone bridge completion built-in.  They are especially useful when completing the Wheatstone bridge near the strain gage installation is possible.

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