Broadband hybrid silicon-InGaAs photodetectors cut BOM

October 31, 2019 // By Julien Happich
Marktech Optoelectronics has designed two new broadband hybrid Silicon-InGaAs photodetectors, Models MT03-041 (TO-5) and MT03-047 (SMD) for accurate, reliable broadband detection over spectral ranges from UV-to-VIS-to-SWIR.

The devices offer 250nm (UV) to 1750 nm (SWIR) enhanced sensitivity. This wide dynamic range includes 365 nm blue-green enhanced Silicon-based and 1300 nm InGaAs-based detection, respectively; ultra-low-noise measurement performance; and high shunt resistance. The detectors are seamlessly integrated within a single, compact thru-hole or SMD package. They are also both REACH and RoHS compliant. Optional accessories for Models MT03-041 (TO-5) and MT03-047 (SMD) include UV-to-IR-to-SWIR range emitters. Each emitter may be mechanically and spectrally matched, then combined with the photodetector as a single, compact package. Custom designs may be produced in as few as 6-8 weeks from customer prototype approvals.

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