Cable handling in confined spaces

December 04, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Igus has developed the twisterband HD so that cables and hoses can be guided safely and reliably even during rotary movements. The lightweight energy chain is very stable, easy to fill and can even cope with rotating speeds of up to 180 degrees a second.

It rotates around its own axis. Due to the long service life of the series, igus has now added two further sizes to the twisterband HD product range, these new sizes being intended for especially small installation spaces.

The energy supply series is already being used successfully in woodworking machines as well as in workpiece positioners in the automotive industry. With the twisterband, rotary movements up to 7,000 degrees are possible on the horizontal plane and 3,000 degrees on the vertical plane in an extremely small space, even at speeds of up to 180 degrees per second. Slip rings can therefore be replaced in the case of a limited rotation angle. Different media lines as well as bus cables or even fluids can be guided with one system easily, cost-effectively and without any interruption. The inner compact heights of the new sizes are 11 and 18 millimetres: optimal for very small installation spaces such as in rotary tables or on robots. The twisterband HD series is currently available directly from stock in a total of four sizes with an outer diameter of 140 to 500 millimetres.

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